Deep Dish Pizza in a Staub Braising Pan

One piece that I added to my Staub collection last year was a braising pan.  It has two handles and is a bit shallower than Staub’s cocottes (Dutch oven).  It has a lid so it can be used to slow cook meats or vegetables and has a nice bowl shape to hold those flavorful liquids. 

This last week we used our braising dish as a deep-dish pizza pan and it worked perfectly.  We got dough from the store to cut down on time (trader joe's has a great ready made crust) or you can make your own if you have the time. 

I sautéed the vegetables and sausage in the braising pan, removed the items into another bowl. I wiped the pan clean and then coated with a bit of avocado oil. I spread the dough in the warmed braising dish, spread the sauce (I used ready made pizza sauce by San Marzano) and then we added our favorite toppings and of course cheese! It was a crowd pleaser!




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