Mid Week Mingle - Espresso Mint Martini

This week we feature a new product of a best-selling cocktail mix line in our store! Since we brought Noble Mick's Single Serve Craft Cocktails to the store they have been a hit for all sorts of reasons: You can pack them for camping or travelling without much fuss and still have a fun beverage, people send them in cards for birthdays, or maybe you just don't want to buy 17 things to make one drink...so tonight we try the Espresso Martini garnished with mint!

1 packet Noble Mick's Espresso Martini Mix

1 oz water

1.5 oz vodka chilled over ice.

1 sprig mint

Mix the packet contents with water and put in chilled glass, strain iced vodka into glass stir gently and garnish with mint. This would also be good with strawberries or a slice of orange! Perfect for this hot weather!

Happy Hump Day!



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