We are Jill and Shannon owners of Bench & Board.  In 2020 we had plenty of time to think about what we really cared about most as a family.  So many meals made together and grateful for each other in spite of challenging times with the pandemic.  Our favorite thing about our long isolated days was the family mealtime together. We loved cooking and especially with the things that held up!

Wood tools for cooking not plastic. 

Cast iron and enduring materials.

We thought a lot about how we impact this world of ours through our own purchasing and use. 

We like things that last, and we covet using because they are unique.  Things that last for years.  We like things that are made by artists, by people who care about their craft, community, the environment, and the kids.   We thought creating a place to find these items would be fantastic and Bench and Board was born and is our synonym for Table and Chairs where the business was born.

There are so many divides in this world, but that isn't what we promote at Bench and Board.  We want people to come together in all of their uniqueness, to love each other and to enjoy every precious minute that we have!

Our goal at the store is to uplift creativity by bringing intentional well-made products and art to others that: support artists and makers, help us to develop artistic skillsets ourselves, provide mindful giving experiences, and support experiences that are filled with joy and togetherness with friends and family.

We are a diverse small family business run by an Army Veteran and an Artist. 


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