Short Server

Material: Jatoba
Sale price$39.99 USD


The short server is the toughest wooden utensil in our collection. The 1-inch diameter handle makes gripping easy (even for arthritic hands, we hear) and the short design allows it to be used in small or shallow bowls. The bowl of this short wood spoon is wider and deeper than that of its cousin, the long server, which makes it the go-to spoon tool for the thickest, heaviest, most demanding serving situations. This short serving spoon is perfect for digging into your favorite dishes, scooping up rice pilaf, and adding a unique elegance to your holiday meals. Handcrafted from beautiful hardwoods, this thick handled wooden server with a generous bowl is a great addition to your serving spoon collection. This wooden serving spoon may be the most compact utensil in our serving group but it scoops generous portions of sides and main dishes. Its comfortable short handleworks well in all bowl sizes. - Sturdy hardwood craftsmanship. - Made in Montana, USA. - Thick handle for easy gripping.

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