Long Server

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Designed for heavy serving, this Long Server is sure to become a treasured addition to your kitchen. The ample 3.2" wide bowl of this wooden serving spoon dishes up a helping big enough to satiate any appetite while adding a joyful, timeless element to mealtime. The handle of this sturdy wood spoon maintains a triangular cross-section which translates into a comfortable, stable grip when you need to dig deep into your home-cooked feasts.

No matter how many utensils you have in your kitchen, wooden serving spoons are essential. Its functionality and versatility makes it an exceptional tool in the kitchen. Handcrafted from durable hardwoods this wooden server spoon is perfect for scooping and serving.
In addition to its extremely comfortable handle, here are other things you'll surely love about this big wood spoon:

- Hardwood serving spoon will last generations.
- Beautiful enough to display on your kitchen counter at all times.
- Unique, robust design handles the thickest dishes.

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