Cooking Chopsticks

Title: jatoba
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Add a little variety to your daily food prep routine with some wooden cooking chopsticks! You won't believe how well they whip up fluffy scrambled eggs and handle delicate foods while frying. Hidden talent, stirring and portioning spaghetti noodles.

At 16" long, they keep your hands far from the heat, and let you turn small foods like shrimp one a time with delicate ease. Made from Hard Maple or Jatoba these will be sure to add some fun to your culinary creations.
You could eat with a pair of these, but it's not suggested. Eating chopsticks are typically around 9" long. These big wooden cooking chopsticks are 16" long, have a thicker more substantial handle end and they are specifically made for cooking.

- Sleek, utilitarian design.
- Thin enough to store in a drawer or display in your utensil crock.
- Great for whisking, turning and flipping.

Wooden cooking chopsticks... yes, they are a thing and they're absolutely great!

size: 16 x 0.43 x 0.43 tapers to .12 inches

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