The investment and caring of wood tools in your kitchen

When you invest in your kitchen as you continue to increase your skills as a cook you gravitate to specific tools. I have invested heavily in wood cooking utensils in our kitchen, and they are now my favorite pieces for many reasons. First is the conversation for sustainability and not having more plastic in the environment (plus the melting factor of burning or melting dents in them while you are cooking), second the investment in cookware is significant and having products that hold up and work well with your cookware but also do not damage or scratch your cookware such as nonstick wood is a great option. Art (yes art!) Woodworking is a living sculpture in your kitchen and as someone beautifully made the tool carefully out of wood this tool returns the favor in preparing lovely meals for you. The summary take care of your wood and it will last a long time for you and prevent damage to your beautiful kitchen art!

Instructions for wood care:

If you find your tools and board are beginning to dull a bit, it may be because they are drying out and need a good coat of oil. We like Clark's Oil which we sell in the shop. It is antimicrobial and exceeds federal standards and is made in the USA! 

1. Clean your wood well.

2. With a soft cloth or paper towel apply the oil to your tools and boards and allow them to sit and soak up the oil, you could even leave them overnight.

3. Wipe any excess oil off the tools and boards and you are done! 

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