Northampton Cheese 4 Piece Serving Set

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INOX artisans' reminiscent of classic architectural design, SUNDANCE  is characterized by angular shapes and tapered handles commands attention on the table. This pattern makes a bold statement, yet has a refined style of its own. It has easy to hold ergonomic handles. A bold modern flatware, simple design features slender shapes, rounded bowls and a chic brushed finish, slightly concave top surfaces are some high points of our this highly popular forged handmade flatware. Its Copper Antique finish is reminiscent of glory and warmth making it perfect casual or fine dining entertaining. Simply wow your friends by making it a wedding gift or housewarming gift. Our stainless steel flatware  have a coarse texture, which is compatible with opaque dinnerware, heavy glassware and loosely woven linens. The knife with its scalloped blade cuts cheese neatly. The large cut-outs prevent slices sticking to the stainless steel blade. Laced and mottled textures, fragrances running from sweet to loamy

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