A Rose by Any Other Name | Care Package

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For the rose lover in your life!  This beautifully curated care package is filled to the brim with roses that will last longer than your typical bouquet! Smell like a rose, blush like a rose, enjoy the luxurious fragrance!

This package contains: 

1 'Maiden Rose' nail polish by Flora 1761 the most iconic red that never goes out of style made in the USA 15ML vegan and cruelty free in beautiful box.

1 tube of rose scented bath salts and dried petals

1 tube of Panier Des Sens hand crème beautifully fragranced, fabulous hand crème Made in France

1 Bottle of 'Beatrix" perfume by Caswell Massey. 15ML derived from roses within in the New York Botanical Garden and named after the architect Beatrix Farrand who designed the garden.

1 Panier Des Sens Rose scented candle. 6oz with a 55 hour burn time Made in France

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